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This form is equipped with an auto-save feature. For forms with more than one page, each time you navigate between pages, forward or back, your form responses are committed to a secure area within your browser’s local storage. You can close your browser and resume your progress automatically at any time simply by opening the form again. This information is only sent to our servers once you submit the form.

How do I leave comments on the exported application form PDF?

Here are some cost free methods of leaving comments and markup:

Google Drive - Add the PDF form export to your Google Drive, then double click it to open in Preview. Click the comment icon top right to select an area and comment on a certain part of the pdf. After you’re finished adding comments, click the Share button to share it with anyone else.

Microsoft Word - Open the PDF form export with Microsoft Word, then add text boxes anywhere you’d like to comment on the pdf. Add a red glow to your text boxes to make them stand out.

Adobe Reader - Download this to easily markup and leave comments on any PDF.

Preview (available on MacBooks) - Open the PDF form export with Preview and click the Markup icon to enable many ways to leave comments.

Why do I have to complete each page before moving on to the next one, instead of working on pages out of sequence?

This web form is dynamic, meaning that the answers on each page can determine which questions come next. The form pages need to be completed in sequence to maintain the flow of questions and answers.

Can I cut and paste from other documents?

Yes. However, when copying formatted content (i.e., documents containing any markup like bullets, special layouts, varying font styles, etc.), keep in mind that any formatting will be discarded, and you should review what you’ve copied in to be sure it’s represented accurately.

I’m worried about computer security. Why do I need to enable cookies?

This form only uses session cookies and local browser storage, which are temporary storage locations within your browser. This helps preserve your responses as you go through the form. Session cookies are removed when you close your browser and expire after 30 minutes of inactivity. Also, your form responses never reach our servers until you submit your form. For more information about our privacy policy, follow the link at the bottom of this page.

Can I make changes after I’ve gone through the form?

Yes. You can go back to individual pages and make any changes, but once you’ve submitted the form you can’t view your responses or make additional changes.

I’m having technical difficulties. Who can I contact?

Follow the “Contact Us” link at the top of this page. This will open a short form for entering your contact details and a brief description of your problem. We’ll then contact you with help.

Can I store and continue my in-progress application form from a different computer?

Answers entered on our grant request forms are automatically saved to the cloud. With the unique link that is provided, your application form can be started, accessed, worked on, and submitted from any computer. Please make sure you keep a record of this unique link in a safe place, so that you are able to return to your in-progress form at a later date.

Can I share my in-progress application form?

Yes, in-progress application forms can be shared with others. Click on the ‘Copy URL’ button to copy the unique link to your application form and share it.

I am receiving an error when trying to access my in-progress application form. What can I do?

Confirm that the unique link which was assigned to you at the start of the application form is correctly entered in the address bar. If you continue to see an error, you can contact us.

Follow the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of the page. This will open a short form for entering your contact details and a brief description of your problem. We will then contact you.

Can I access my responses after I’ve submitted the form?

Yes, submission responses can be accessed anytime. Visit the unique link which was assigned to you when you completed the application.

When I click on ‘Open a Different Application’ sometimes I see a list of applications, other times I don’t. What is going on?

The ‘Open a Different Application’ link, which can be found in the top banner, looks in your local storage to find record of any in-progress applications. Each of the application forms that you have been working on in the current browser will be listed with a key and a time stamp.

Please note, this feature uses the local browser storage to populate the list of in-progress forms. If your cache has been cleared recently, the list may not be fully populated. We recommend that you also keep a record of the unique link assigned to each of your application forms in a safe place.

I have an in-progress application form, but I would like to reset it or start a new one. How can I do that?

‘New Application’ link can be found in the banner at the top of the page. It will launch a new application form. If you have an existing application form in-progress it will remain saved for later use. Remember to copy the unique link assigned to your in-progress application form so that you can return to your answers at a later date.

The ‘Cancel’ button at the bottom of the form will remove the answers stored for the current application form.

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